Energy professionals trust CSI Recruiting with their business because we provide a unique capabilities & expertise in a rapidly changing industry. CSI affords our associates with comprehensive insight into the national and regional marketplaces that other recruiting agencies and personal networks simply cannot match.

Up-to-date information and an unparalleled ability to tailor our services to each individual candidate/client have established CSI Recruiting as the premier energy recruiting resource in the United States today. Years of industry service have solidified CSI as the incumbent staffing firm in energy. As the incumbent, we are able to maintain a network of sources which allow us to remain fully informed of changing industry trends and benchmarks which may affect our associates. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients and candidates have the most up to date market information available.

At CSI Recruiting, our ability to identify and address specific client/candidate needs set us apart from our competitors. We provide our clients with the most technically-sound candidates in the country. Furthermore, CSI works diligently to ensure that our candidates’ needs will be fully met by those companies that we represent.

In short, CSI Recruiting offers our associates the market insight, technical knowledge and personalized service which truly define us as the Energy Experts.