Presidential Race and the impact on Domestic Drilling

How Elizabeth Warren could 'vaporize' America's oil boom By Matt Egan, CNN Business Updated 11:47 AM ET, Thu October 17, 2019 Elizabeth Warren doesn't just pose a threat to Wall Street. Her rising 2020 polling numbers are also striking fear in the heart of Big Oil. Warren, currently the odds-on favorite to be the Democratic presidential nominee, wants to ban fracking "everywhere." And the … [Read more...]

Young people hard to attract to work for oil and gas companies

The bright minds of tomorrow want to pursue careers at Tesla, not ExxonMobil. Sixty-two percent of teens ages 16 to 19 say a career in oil and gas is unappealing, according to a survey of 1,200 young Americans that was released this week by EY. That includes 39% who say the industry is very unappealing. The numbers are a bit better among Millennials. Forty-five percent of those aged 20 to 35 … [Read more...]

Recruiter Check-In: What’s Happening in Oil, Gas

In 2017, we’ve already seen OPEC cut oil production, a ramp up of activity in hot spots such as the Permian and a slightly positive shift in overall sentiment of the oil and gas industry. And while industry employment has steadied, many of the some odd 440,000 laid off workers are wondering when the faucet on hiring will be turned back on. So Rigzone sought out industry professionals who have … [Read more...]

Here comes the next wave of the U.S. oil boom

by Matt Egan   @mattmegan5  After a painful two-year price war with OPEC, the worst may finally be over for the American oil industry. American oil companies didn't merely survive OPEC's attempt to drown them in low prices. The energy industry is emerging from this dark period of bankruptcies and job cuts much leaner and ready to thrive, even at prices that were once too low. OPEC's decision … [Read more...]