The CSI Recruiting Process

CSI Recruiting custom-tailors a search to the specific needs of our clients by qualifying the characteristics of each position to be filled. A close partnership with internal human resource personnel and hiring managers help us gain a full understanding of your business and internal culture.

Needs Evaluation

A detailed evaluation ensures that we will effectively find the best candidate.

A member of our team will work with hiring managers and human resource personnel to determine parameters of the position, including:

  • Responsibilities, skill level and years of experience requirements
  • Technical qualifications
  • Soft skills / company culture
  • Salary, bonus plan, benefits


Our network enables us to discreetly target exceptional candidates.

Mine CSI’s Internal Network:

  • 120+ active candidates currently pursuing opportunities
  • 7,100 profiled candidates within past 12 years
  • 18,000 petroleum industry resumes in our database
  • A Twelve-Year relationship with local and national industry organizations
  • Geosciences: AAPG National and Regional Chapters / SEG (DGS, HGS)
  • Land: AAPL (Leasing – NADOA, NALTA)
  • Engineering: SPE National and Regional Chapters
  • Accounting: COPAS
  • Direct Sourcing – Experienced recruiters search locally and regionally Source from competitor companies
  • Garner referrals from our network of active and inactive candidates

Candidate Screening

A candidate’s fit is not just on paper. We make assessments about the cultural fit between company and candidate, as well as long-term compatibility.

Phone Interviews

Discuss current work situation, compensation and bonus, company culture and structure. Analyze reason for looking at new opportunities, salary and benefits expectations.

In-person Interviews

Bring candidates to our offices to target their personal presentation, preparedness, interpersonal skills.

Reference Checks

The process through which we check references is rigorous. CSI has a commitment to reference follow-through that assures candidates are truly viable.

Obtain references from three individuals, two past supervisors and one peer.

Ask and evaluate through conversation with the references to ensure that the candidate is a strong fit, both technically and interpersonally.

Client Presentation

Only qualified candidates are presented to the client.

Upon completion of our recruiting and screening process, we provide a detailed summary, with resumes, of the most qualified candidates for review. This provides an efficient, ultimately successful match.


By the time the decision is made to make an offer, our methodology assures an acceptance rate well above the industry average of 77%; currently at 91%

Our team manages expectations, over-communicates with both our clients and candidates, and as a result delivers above industry average placement rates and acceptances


Once an offer is accepted, CSI supports the candidate’s transition to the client employer.

After an acceptance, our job is not done. We lead the candidate through the resignation process, to the start date and post-start evaluation and feedback.

End Result

Qualified candidates, screened for the client’s needs, and prequalified for the open position.