CSI Recruiting, founded in 2001, has focused on placement in several aspects of the energy industry over our 20+ years in business. Within Oil & Gas, our clients include Upstream (E&P), Midstream (Pipeline, Transportation) and Downstream (Refining) companies throughout the United States. Additionally, we support companies in the Power Generation space, the nuclear power generation industry, and the renewable / sustainable power generation field (wind, solar, geothermal).

We also provide recruiting expertise for companies that concentrate on providing technological or consulting services to these segments of the energy industry, as well as working hand-in-hand with investment firms and financial institutions that concentrate on the Oil & Gas, Power and Renewables
space within the Energy business.

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Oil & Gas | Upstream

CSI Recruiting’s expertise in working with upstream oil & gas companies is unmatched in the domestic market. Since inception of the firm in 2001, CSI has worked with hundreds of E&P companies, from small, family offices to some of the largest domestic producers of oil & natural gas.

Oil & Gas | Midstream

CSI Recruiting entered the Midstream segment of the oil and gas industry in 2005, working with several Rockies-based pipeline and transmission companies as they built out and staffed their pipeline infrastructure in Colorado and Wyoming. Subsequently, CSI has worked with many of the country’s leading midstream oil & gas firms as they addressed specific technical and business operations hiring needs.

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Power Generation

CSI Recruiting’s work in the power generation space has primarily focused on supporting the hiring needs of those companies in Texas and Oklahoma, providing experience engineering, operations and internal controls positions. Our work with power companies is growing, as these regional providers historically have solely relied on their internal recruiting teams for hiring needs.

Sustainable Energy

CSI Recruiting believes that all energy sources will be needed as our society grows and technological advances bring first-world energy to regions of the world that are presently energy insecure and reliant on biomass for their fuel. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal continue to make an impact on our society and we’re working alongside these innovative firms to bring them the technical, support and leadership talent necessary to grow their companies.

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Investment | Finance

From the first days of the firm, CSI Recruiting has been a trusted resource for talent within the investment banking, private equity, business banking and family office investing firms with a concentration in the energy industry. We regularly source experienced candidates for financial analyst roles, controller positions, accountant jobs and investment manager roles, all with an eye for candidates experienced in the energy industry.