Oil & Gas | Upstream

CSI Recruiting’s expertise in working with upstream oil & gas companies is unmatched in the domestic market. Since inception of the firm in 2001, CSI has worked with hundreds of E&P companies, from small, family offices to some of the largest domestic producers of oil & natural gas.

Our work in the space concentrates on professional-level talent across the Petroleum Engineer (Production Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Engineering Technician), Petroleum Geosciences (Geologist, Geophysicist, Petrophysicist) and Petroleum Land Management (Landman, Land Technician) functions within an upstream oil & gas company. In addition, we support hiring needs in the accounting and finance departments of E&P firms as well as their Land Administration teams (Division Order Analyst, Lease Analyst, Land Records).

Bringing our recruiting acumen to this broad band of skillsets allows CSI Recruiting to address the hiring needs of the whole company, not just one silo. We regularly work with companies that are seeking to hire in multiple areas of the firm, and CSI can work to make excellent cultural and technical matches throughout those departments with hiring needs.

Oil & Gas | Upstream Positions Placed:

  • Reservoir Engineer | Dallas, TX
  • Controller | Fort Worth, TX
  • Senior Production Engineer | Houston, TX
  • Lease Analyst | The Woodlands, TX
  • Production Manager | Tulsa, OK
  • Development Geologist | Arlington, TX