Sustainable Energy

CSI Recruiting believes that all energy sources will be needed as our society grows and technological advances bring first-world energy to regions of the world that are presently energy insecure and reliant on biomass for their fuel. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal continue to make an impact on our society and we’re working alongside these innovative firms to bring them the technical, support and leadership talent necessary to grow their companies.

Our reach within Renewables stretches far and wide, working with companies involved in landfill gas generation and distribution, offshore wind farm development and construction, carbon capture and sequestration, bitcoin mining firms, and technology companies.

CSI regularly works with upstream oil & gas companies on strategies surrounding growth of the renewables side of their business, utilizing their existing acreage and assets to develop new lines of revenue that also contribute to renewable energy goals. The Renewables industry is still in its infancy, and CSI Recruiting intends to be a key contributor to building the leading companies in the space by sourcing top-tier employees from a wide range of industries.

Sustainable Energy Positions Placed:

  • Senior Renewable Operations Engineer | Florida
  • Landfill Gas Operations Manager | Colorado
  • GeoTechnical Engineer | Houston, TX
  • Development Engineer | Austin, TX
  • Carbon Capture Process Engineer | Houston, TX
  • Business Development Director | Denver, CO