Evaluations Reservoir Engineer – Denver, CO

Evaluations Reservoir Engineer – Denver, CO

CSI Recruiting is actively recruiting for an Evaluations Reservoir Engineer for a Denver-based oil & gas company located in Downtown Denver.  This Evaluations Reservoir Engineer will evaluate domestic onshore acquisition opportunities of minerals, royalty and working interests for the company to purchase.  Evaluations will focus on determining the asset’s ability to achieve a desired rate of return within the portfolio.

Job Specifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering
  • A minimum of seven years of professional petroleum engineering experience with preference given to A&D evaluation work with a multi-basin focus and/or large-scale reserves management
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail with a high level of accuracy
  • Advanced knowledge of oil and gas software and tools with preference given to ARIES, Spotfire, and Petra
  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills
  • Capable of analyzing large sets of data efficiently
  • Ability to work with, communicate, and delegate to engineering tech support
  • Must be aware of the importance of teamwork within the company possess the ability to adapt to unforeseen deadlines and changes in direction.

Essential Functions

Acquisition Evaluations

Model and evaluate acquisition targets within major oil and gas plays within the onshore basins of the Lower 48.

  • Construct type curve assumptions for individual reservoirs based on a regional focus area determined by geological parameters
  • Model unit development in ARIES, accounting for existing production and any additional non-producing locations including permitted and drilled wells that fit within a unit’s outline
  • Perform data analytics in tandem with the company’s off-site technical analysis team.
  • Determine an acquisition offer value that allows the company reasonable certainty in achieving specific return metrics
  • Reevaluate producing wells and activity to update offer values on a regular basis


Client provides a base salary commensurate with industry standards within the Denver market, depending on experience and technical acumen.  Additionally, you will receive health insurance, paid time off and other company benefits.  This role will also be eligible for annual bonuses, and stock within the company, a ‘share in the success of the firm’ model.

In Summary

We know the principals of this company well – The leaders are TECHNICAL professionals, not bankers or attorneys, or non-industry experienced managers.  The firm is a leader in the business of asset evaluation and acquisition and they treat their employees like owners in the business.