Oil & Gas Admin Assistant/ Land Tech – Fort Worth

Oil & Gas Admin Assistant / Land Tech – Fort Worth

CSI Recruiting is working with a Fort Worth-based E&P company in need of a capable and eager administrative and support-minded individual to work in the company’s Land Department.  Title of Land Administrator / Land Tech.

The position will work hand-in-hand with all aspects of this upstream oil & gas company’s land department, including the Division Order Analyst, Lease Analyst, Landman, and Land Manager.  The role will provide support in a variety of areas related to oil & gas leases, land agreements, contracts and title documents.  You’ll interface with internal personnel primarily, however the job will also interact periodically with land owners involved in the company’s business.

The office environment is open and professional, with a total staff of less than 100 in the Fort Worth office.  We know this company well and hold them in high regard – they treat their people as family and while they expect high performance, they reward that with fair compensation, loyalty and support.


Interested candidates should have a minimum of two years of experience working within an upstream (E&P) oil and gas company, preferably in the land or legal department.  Experience as a Land Administrator, Land Tech or Land Administrative Assistant is helpful.

Strong preference for experience with oil & gas leases and any experience as a land administrator or land tech / land technician.

Must have very strong writing skills – The ability to articulate sometimes complicated topics clearly and efficiently.  Grammar, spelling – all must be excellent.  This role will require regular letter and email drafting externally, to land owners doing business with the firm, so impeccable writing skills will  be key on a daily basis.

Honesty and integrity.  This company prides itself on both, and the founders, owners and managers expect each and every employee to hold these tenets as high as they do.


This is an excellent ‘foot in the door’ to a premium oil & gas company in Fort Worth.