Power Plant Financial Analyst – Dallas, TX

Power Plant Financial Analyst – Dallas, TX

CSI Recruiting is working with a stable and growing energy-focused company in their need to hire a Power Plant Financial Analyst to work in the company’s headquarters office, located north of Dallas.  This firm has been in business for 50+ years and has an exceptional roster of clients.  This work will involve both technical aspects – financial analysis and appraisal of utility and power plant properties – as well as client interface and business development functions.

The company’s leaders expect this hire to develop into a key management individual for the firm.

Attributes and Experience Preferred or Required:

  • Utility / Power Plant Financial Analysis Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Economics
  • Low time preference / strong internal locus of control / highly self-motivated
  • Strong communication skills and analytical abilities
  • Negotiating skills

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Complicated financial and economic evaluations and appraisals of hard assets and business units within the utility, power plant, power generation and power distribution industries
  • Defense of appraisals before arbitrators and mediators
  • All facets of client relationship including but not limited to contract renegotiation, problem resolution and communication
  • Business promotion and development
  • A steady progression in the assumption of management responsibilities – this is a role expected to grow into management