Senior Production Engineer – Fort Worth, Texas

CSI Recruiting is working with a production-focused oil & gas company seeking to hire an experienced Production Engineer for their Fort Worth office.  The Senior Production Engineer will be responsible for managing and optimizing operated and non-operated gas wells production in Texas. 

This company is privately-held and growing via strategic acquisitions and intelligent engineering operations.  The firm rewards its people for success, empowers technical staff to make smart decisions and is run by technical professionals, not investment bankers or attorneys.

The Production Engineer’s activities include but are not limited to proactively maintaining base production, well surveillance, optimization of underperforming well(s), designing well intervention plans and monitoring execution by operations team, and building analytical models to troubleshoot and understand performance behavior(s). The production engineer will work with the operations and reservoir teams to implement automation, reduce downtime, reduce LOE, and optimize field-wide operating parameters (i.e. system pressure, compressors, facilities, etc.).

Frequent work with interdisciplinary teams to build and maintain production and financial dashboards, as wells as budgeting, designing, and implementing technical studies, and frequent communication and collaboration with our JV partner and investors. The production engineer will also be required report weekly production actuals and forecasts, and train and or mentor interns and secondees.


  • Manage base production of both operated and non-operated assets
    • Surveillance
      • Know production, production targets, and all downtime events
      • Diagnose and optimize production – productivity, flow string, plunger-lift, EOT, treatments, inspections, pressure differential reductions, compression, automation, 
      • Ensure production data quality
      • Communicate and review with field personnel
    • Cost-track and track project progress, communicate and approve scope changes
    • Perform lookback analyses, present results
  • Reduce downtime
    • Identify and manage sources of downtime – keeping excellent downtime records and reviewing frequently
    • Develop automated diagnostics to find “bad actors” and bottlenecks
    • Actively search for ways to mitigate downtime, increase redundancy, etc.
    • Understand gathering side of downtime and help coordinate SIMOPs, coordinate and communicate upcoming downtime events, evaluate gatherer unscheduled downtime and mitigate as possible
  • Reduce LOE
    • Identify sources and activities of high LOE
    • Manage the balance of well performance vs LOE
    • Identify projects to lower LOE, prioritize, plan and execute with assistance of other functions
  • Stay abreast of all existing and emerging technology(ies)
  • Collaborate and communicate with:
    • Asset team
      • Work together with team to outperform as a collective, not lone wolf
      • Open-minded to evaluate all options
      • Educate and get buy-in from stakeholders
    • JV partners
      • Collaborate with partner to optimize production and completions design
      • Knowledge sharing
  • Opportunity Generation
    • Identify, priority, plan/design and execute projects
    • Structured workflow to identify, prioritize, design/plan, and execute projects
    • Write/work-up procedures for projects (i.e. workovers, wireline, etc.)
    • Clear documentation, follow proper technical review, follow approval processes, consult/inform appropriate functions
  • Develop dashboards/reports to provide to team on weekly basis
  • Support and contribute to field studies


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering required; Master’s degree in Engineering or Business Administration preferred
  • Prefer a combined 10+ years of productions engineering, reservoir engineering and operational experience in tight and unconventional resource plays. Completions engineering experience is a plus.
  • Possess a strong fundamental knowledge of productions and reservoir engineering with operations experience
  • Possess a working knowledge of geology and petrophysics
  • Experience working on multi-discipline teams and the ability to integrate across functions
  • Proficient in Excel, Access and or SQL (VBA/coding skills a plus), Spotfire/Power BI, WellView, Fekete Harmony, and nodal analysis (Prosper, Perform, SNAP, etc.)
  • Experience in building reports and dashboards
  • Strong communication skills both oral and written, able to adjust content and style for the type of audience being presented to
  • Experience in a fast-paced, dynamic environment