CSI Recruiting’s E&P Salary Report

Salary Survey

CSI Recruiting is proud to be the publisher of the domestic E&P industry’s most comprehensive salary report for technical positions, the CSI Recruiting E&P Salary Report.

CSI Recruiting has recently published the 2018 E&P Salary Report, widely regarded as the domestic E&P community’s premium salary report for the Petroleum Engineering, Land and Geosciences Disciplines.

The 2018 E&P Salary Report is the most comprehensive in the report’s 14-year history.  Be a part of future reports by participating today!

I participated in the survey as did several of my co-workers and direct reports. I utilize the survey extensively when conducting personnel searches, hiring, and in discussions with peers and management.

Our company HR department uses a different survey (requiring expensive corporate membership) to set pay scales, but I find your CSI survey equally as accurate, easy to use, and very helpful.

Paul L., Reservoir Engineering Manager


Gathering data solely from industry professionals currently in direct hire positions within domestic operators, the report delivers base salary data by Job Category, Years of Experience, and Geographic Regions.  Additionally, the report delivers data on cash bonuses, stock programs and paid time off – all in a concise, easy to decipher format.

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