Salary Report FAQs

What is the CSI Recruiting E&P Salary Report?

The Report is a compilation of domestic exploration and production compensation data and commentary. This report consists of Base Salary Data for technical positions across the Petroleum Engineering, Geoscience and Land disciplines. In addition, the report illustrates average annual bonus payments, company stock program participation percentages and average paid time off data.

Additionally, the Report includes detailed and in-depth definitions for the experience and educational requirements of the position, and delves into responsibilities and expectations for those particular positions.

Lastly, the Annual Update portion of the Report provides an overview of present day supply and demand for the specific skill set with commentary as to the expected trends related to that specific technical role.  The Report is very comprehensive, and delivers far more than just salary data.

Is the Report for E&P Employers or Technical Personnel?


The Report has valuable information for Human Resources personnel, Engineering, Geosciences and Land professionals within the E&P industry, as well as providing valuable information for company executives as they make hiring decisions, annual compensation reviews, and budgeting forecasts.

The Report provides E&P technical persons with up-to-date information on their peer group’s compensation, as well as commentary on demand for their skill set in the coming year.

What skill sets / technical disciplines are included in the Report?

CSI Recruiting’s Domestic E&P Salary Report includes ten Job Categories, which are organized by three Disciplines:

  • Petroleum Engineering (Includes Reservoir Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Production / Operations Engineer and Engineering Technician)
  • Petroleum Land Management (Includes Landman and Land Technician)
  • Petroleum Geoscience (Includes Geologist, Geophysicist, Geological / Geophysical Technician, and Petrophysicist)

Who participates, and how many E&P professionals have participated in past years?

The report includes data only from experienced E&P professionals currently in full-time, direct hire positions within an operator company, and working domestically. The Report does not include data from consultants, service company personnel or professionals working Internationally.

The Report contains data from over 2,800 professionals currently employed in full-time, salaried positions within E&P Operators, based in a U.S. location, and paid in U.S. dollars.

The data was gathered via voluntary survey, which asked respondents their current job title, base salary, years in industry, bonus percentage, stock program participation and quantity of paid time off.

How long has the Report been published?

The 2022 E&P Salary Report will be the 18th annual publication of the Report.

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