Remote work – is it for you?

Historically the oil & gas industry has been slow to adopt changes in the workplace, from new technology to casual office attire or ‘summer’ schedules. Remote work or even hybrid schedules have been similarly slow to find footing.

From our observation, many E&P firms still maintain full-time, mandatory in-office environments. These firms tout the definitive advantages of face-to-face collaboration, the benefits of working together around a table or walking into a co-worker’s office to debate an issue. Some companies have loosened these restrictions and do so much to the satisfaction of employees. Many smaller companies have straddled the fence, not instituting a formal hybrid work-from-home program, but instead saying to the in-office staff, “We’re all professionals. Get your work done and come to the office regularly, but if you’re home for a day or two, it’s not an issue.”

E&P leadership listens to the requests of their current staff and prospective hires. Companies like EQT, ComboCurve and others have found success with a staff that largely works remotely.

Just remember, you need to be known to move up. Management, who grew up in much more regimented in-office environments, want to know those employees who they recommend for promotion. Getting together for lunch, meetings, conferences and retreats becomes essential in a less-than-fulltime office environment. Make the effort, do the face time with those above and below you in the company, even if management doesn’t require your presence.